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BACKGROUND: History of the YSU Foundation

The origins of the YSU Foundation date back to the fall of 1966. Dr. Howard Jones, who had served as President of Youngstown College and Youngstown University for 35 years, had just set into motion the transformation of the private Youngstown University to Youngstown State University. Seeking to protect the University’s private endowment, Dr. Jones established a separate, independent organization, “The Youngstown Educational Foundation.” A front page article in the Youngstown Vindicator on November 22, 1966, announcing the creation of the Foundation stated:

The purpose of the Foundation, as stated in its petition, is to continue the educational objectives of Youngstown University, with appropriate modifications, after consummation of the proposed transfer of assets for the use of (Youngstown)State University.

Howard Jones served as President of the Foundation from 1966 to 1975. He was followed by William Roesti, who served for 14 years until 1989. C. Reid Schmutz was appointed president in 1989 and served 22 years until his retirement. He was succeeded by the current president, Paul McFadden, in January, 2012.

The name of the Foundation was changed in 1983 to “The Youngstown State University Foundation,” while retaining its private sector status as an independent corporation, under the same terms as had previously applied. The University Scholars program was created in 1992 and renamed the Leslie H. Cochran Scholars program in 2000 in honor of former University President, Dr. Leslie Cochran.

A commitment to inclusion and access has always permeated the core mission of the YSU Foundation. With this in mind, in 1996 the YSU Foundation began matching all gifts to minority scholarships, to assist the University in attracting a diverse student population reflective of community demographics. Since 1996, $762,000 has been matched in contributions to the YSU Foundation, designated for minority scholarships.

50 years Youngstown University LogoThe growth of Foundation assets has been impressive. The initial endowment value of the Foundation in 1966 was $13,500,000. Assets reached the $50 million mark in 1990, $100 million in 1997, and $200 million in 2012. This growth can best be illustrated by comparing the current market value of YSU Foundation assets with those of other universities and university-related foundations in the region. According to the 2012 study by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO), YSU Foundation endowment assets ranked eleventh in Ohio among all colleges and universities, ranking sixth among public universities. The YSU Foundation has more assets than any other public institution in Northeast Ohio, larger than the University of Akron, Kent State University and Cleveland State University.

Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018


Top Row (left to right): Brian Nord ’89 (Development Officer); Diane Playforth ’00 (Director of Finance); David Morgan ‘94 (Development Officer); Brian Wolf ’98 (Development Officer); David Baker ’14 (Annual Giving Coordinator)
Chaney Nezbeth ’93 (Development Officer); Dan Kopp ’95 (Development Officer)

Bottom Row (left to right): Paul McFadden ‘84 (President); Kaitlyn Pinter ’14 (Development Associate);
Mandy Shina ’05 (Database Administrator); Heather Chunn ’98 ’03 (Vice President);
Lorrie Durkin ’80 (Director of Stewardship); Chris Bosela ’05 (Accounting Liaison)

YSU FOUNDATION Board of Trustees
Peter J. Asimakopoulos
Eugenia C. Atkinson
A. Gary Bitonte
Susan Briney
Raymond J. Briya
Lee Burdman
Anthony M. Cafaro, Sr.
Thomas J. Cavalier
Y. T. Chiu, Jr.
Domenic L. Constantini
Alan W. Cope
Millicent S. Counts
Rex A. Ferry
Alfred J. Fleming
Thomas J. Fleming
James J. Geller
Stephen Gurgovits
Frank Hierro
Honorable Nathaniel R. Jones
Benjamin Keck
Jocelyne Kollay Linsalata

Garry L. Mrozek
Edward W. Muransky
Jude J. Nohra
Carl A. Nunziato
Anthony Payiavlas
John L. Pogue
William Poole
William A. Russell
Mary Pat Salomone
Richard J. Schiraldi
Theodore Schmidt
C. Reid Schmutz
James H. Sisek
Clarence R. Smith, Jr.
Douglas V. Sweeney
Richard B. Thompson
Frank C. Watson
Andrew Weller
Paul J. Williams
Stu Wise


Ex Officio
Paul McFadden

General Counsel
E.C. “Ted” Thornton, Jr.

Eleanor Beecher Flad
Richard P. McLaughlin
Joseph S. Nohra*
William R. Roesti
William L. Spencer*
G. Leo Winger
Warren P. Williamson, III

* deceased


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Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018

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Phone: 330-941-3211

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