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A few years ago while paging through an old Youngstown College yearbook, l came upon a passage by Roy T. Bell, then Dean of the College of Commerce and Finance. Dean Bell titled his letter to the students "Acorn Sprouts." He described his perspective of observing students through the years and his analogy that like the acorn sprout that grows into a mighty oak tree, students that grow at Youngstown College and go on to successful and productive professional careers.

Most ingriguing, Dean Bell spoke of the tremendous technological changes afoot in 1928. He spoke of "Aeroplanes, and automatic machinery, speeding up production, and our minds must keep pace..." How much we have changed since 1928; how much, we are very much the same.

The mission of Youngstown State University and the YSU Foundation has transcended the generations, and is spoken of just as eloquently by Dean Roy T. Bell in 1928, as it can be stated today. We believe we are the first generation facing profound technological changes. We also question if our minds can keep pace. Students on campus in 1928 or 2012 face the same challenges, the same opportunities, and the same dreams. They are still best described as "Acorn Sprouts."

If you are a student visiting our website we welcome you and wish you the best on your YSU journey, a journey to your future.

If you are an alumni or friend visiting our website, we ask you to consider supporting our students through a gift that will touch them today and tomorrow. Your gift to the Foundations endowment fund or your consideration to create a named scholarship in memory of a friend or loved one, will impact students for years to come.

Paul McFadden, Class of 1984
President - YSU Foundation


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